Are you planning a construction project? Then, you might want to know which sand will be perfect for your project. Nowadays, many sand options are available, and river sand in Jaipur has always been a popular choice. River sand is a widely used product for when you start construction activities but due to it’s bad impact on environment it’s getting banned all over India. River sand now has lot of quality and legality issues due to various sand mafias got involved in the sand business.

Thus a Paharia Minerals, we have come up with a superb alternative of river sand for construction sand in Jaipur. For us, your construction needs are important, and this is why we always make it a point to deliver you the best products in the industry. If you are looking for trusted sand supplier in Rajasthan, Paharia Minerals is indeed the right choice for you.

We are the leading high-grade silica sand supplier in Jaipur Rajasthan. We offer high volume supplies on a regular and consistent basis. Our sand is ideal for Foundries, Silicates, Glass Factories and many other silica sand applications.

Order Premium Quality Sand in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Silica Lumps

Silica Lumps are sourced directly from the mine for further processing to ensure the product is as per your requirement. These lumps are crushed, screened, and even washed to achieve the desired quality. With 98% purity from the leading Silica Lumps in Jaipur, you can prefer white silica sand for industrial and construction purposes for its durability and integrity.

These are the high grade raw silica loose and lumps we extract directly from the mines for further crushing and processing. These can be supplied in huge quantities for you to process them as per your need and specification.


Graded Silica Sand

Graded Silica Sand is a primary product used in industrial applications. It has a variety of uses, including paints, coatings, water filtration, metal production, and more. This graded silica sand is processed under our watchful eyes after being mined to make them suitable for usage. This graded sand can be extensively used for industrial and construction purposes and is highly valuable for glass making and metal casting. We are the leading silica sand manufacturers, can fulfill your Silica sand in Jaipur comfortably.

This is graded silica sand processed into various mesh sizes and AFS grades as per your needs..


Washed Silica Sand

Washed silica sand is a pure and processed silica sand, where impurities such as clay, silt, and dust are removed from the Silica sand. These are heavily used in glass & sodium silicate manufacturing and, due to their purity, for rendering. Hence, they are also termed glass grade silica sand. However, washed Silica with less than 0.01 percent of Fe is used for glass making.

This is high grade washed silica sand processed into various mesh sizes and AFS grades as per your needs. This grade contains close to nil percentage of clay.


M Sand

This is a very good alternative of River Sand being developed by our company to provide quality and consistent supply of sand to the construction companies. It comes in two grades: Zone 2 Grade for concrete and casting purposes. P sand for plaster use. Visit our M Sand (Super Sand) Page to know more details.

Tentaive Chemical Analysis  
sio2 98.56%
CaO 0.25%
MgO 0.10%
Fe2O3 0.14%
Al2O3 0.30%
LOI 0.25%
Na2O 0.10%
K2O 0.05%

At Paharia Minerals, you can avail yourself of a wide range of Silica sand for various purposes. From Silica lumps to even foundry grade silica sand, we are in a position to provide the most satisfactory solution to our clients, at that too at reasonable prices. With our environment-conscious practices and commitment to quality, we are the partner you have been looking for in your quest for foundry sand in Jaipur.

Get Reliable Sand For Construction Activities From A Trusted Sand Supplier in Jaipur

We believe your trust is important to us, and this is why we are dedicated to providing a wide range of products for you to choose from. We understand that construction is a major responsibility, and this is why we assure you of the quality of sand you buy from us for construction purposes. We have a collection of natural sand that consists of fine particles and makes construction chores easy for you. We don’t just have river sand, and foundry sand but also provides glass sand in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We stand for delivering genuine products among sand suppliers in Jaipur.

Since sand is important for bonding with cement, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice. The best thing is finding different sand options under one roof at Paharia Minerals. Our aim is to provide you with the right deals when you shop for silica sand in Rajasthan.

Paharia Minerals is one of the best silica sand suppliers in Rajasthan, always helps you make the right construction decisions. All the sands are ideal for accomplishing your purposes at construction sites. The quality of the sand is in check, and you will seize the best deals that fit your pocket easily. Now, reach out to us and buy high purity silica sand, foundry sand, and glass sand in Rajasthan to get it supplied to your construction site right away.